一觉醒来望着阴雨天空,我居然还是无法释怀,相比眼泪,更多的是心理上的起伏不定。难道I”s比其他漫画能产生更多共鸣吗,或者是近来我变得异常脆弱多愁善感了。原来这个故事不是讲给我听,而是把我的故事讲出来给自己听的,but I ‘ve missed the very ending。



不同的是当我知道这件事的时候,I guess I ‘ve already missed my bus, the bus conducts me to love. 原来那些暗示是那么明显,但别以为这些暗示就代表了永恒,What a fool I am! I should not hide any more, just face to my feelings. 那种心口不一,躲躲闪闪,是自己的伤,是别人的负担。I missed the confession once, perhaps that ‘s the only confession I need for my whole life.  第一次后悔曾经的选择,第一感受到不完整的情感世界,而且确实有机会与之擦肩而过。I wonder what it will be like today if I confess to you during middle school.

“What is your dream”

“It is only until recently that I could clear my thought. No matter what the dream is, you are always there. No matter how many girls walking by, you are the only one I could imagine as a lover living togther.”    

“(Please fill in the blank)”

I have no fear to face the feelings anymore, I love you all the way from that day we first met, no more, no less.

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